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FC (Fastening Control) Impact Wrench System

FC Impact Wrench System

Our FC Wrench System has been developed with the new idea, which is completely different from conventional "Torque Controlled Impact Wrench System". This is the “Automatic Impact Wrench System” which has both features of “Efficient workability of impact wrench” and also “High flexibility of electronic control”.
When fastening screws with impact wrenches, the torque rises. As the torque rises, the returning angle (rebound angle) of impact hammer becomes bigger accordingly. This FC wrench system senses the rebound angle, judges the fastening condition and controls the valve to uniform the torque value evenly for fastening.
By installation of this system to your production line, you are able to observe the production line. It judges the result of each works and also sends a message through signal lamp and various alert sounds. As mentioned above, we believe that our FC wrench system contribute you to build up reliability of your “Fastening works with impact wrenches” which may occupy major part of your assembling operations.

  • FC Controller IPC-2000
  • FC Impact wrench KW-F1600proI
  • FC Impact wrench KW-F2000proI

Main Features

  • FC controller is applicable for all sizes of FC wrenches.
  • Enables you to check abnormality of sensor and signal cable.
  • According to your working contents, 3 ways of work management are selectable.
  • It has the torque wrench function which enables you to detect “Insufficient torque” and “Abnormal fastening”. “Temporary fastening” is also available.
  • It has “Batch control” function (Bolt counter).
  • As the output method, “Signal lamp (5 colors)” and “Relay output” are available.
  • It is designed in many ways for easy setting and maintenance.
  • Because it has the micro-processor, our controller can be modified the fastening work pattern according to characteristic of each working site.

Impact Mechanism

SIMPLE IS THE BEST! Excellent reliability.
FC Impact Wrench does not have any complex mechanical control. And it is the ordinary impact wrench which has the magnetized gearwheel and the non-contact magnetic sensor for movement detection of its clutch. This simple structure enables you to make you free from the troubles which conventional torque controlled wrenches have. And it is also durable even in severe working environment.
High fastening accuracy
The magnetic sensor detects and electronically controls impact energy of the hammer. As a result, fastening work with high accuracy has been achieved.
Compact size, light weight and simple operation
The size and the weight of FC impact wrench are the same as a conventional impact wrench. It is simply handled for high efficiency.
Low maintenance cost
FC wrench system can be maintained with the similar cost of multipurpose impact wrenches. Also the maintenance of the wrench can be done at any service stations.
Clean air piping is not specially needed
As long as the air pipe does not have drainage or extreme air-pressure fluctuation, you can use the existing air-pipes.
Various sizes of FC impact wrench from small (M6) to large (M45) are provided. Also one controller is applicable for all sizes of screws.

Air-Pressure Detection Controller

With more than 30 years of experiences and studies, our air pressure detection controller (KAC-2000) has been developed to achieve higher efficiency and easier handling. Any kinds or any brands of impact wrenches, including oil-pulse wrenches, are applicable to this system.

  • Air-pressure detection Controller / KAC-2000
  • Air-pressure sensor
  • Solenoid valve


As you fasten screws with an impact wrench, the fluctuation of air pressure is caused in the air pipe. Our controller (KAC-2000) detects this fluctuation and the solenoid valve shuts off the air to keep the fastening torque evenly. It also judges its fastening condition, such as fastened quantity of screws and its operation time. If you set this system to your production line, it can be the efficient line controlling device for various purposes too.

Main Features

  • The specialized wrench is not necessary : Your wrench becomes the torque-controlled wrench.
  • Regardless of wrench size : You can use any size of wrenches with KAC-2000.
  • Stable operation : Our know-how of "FC Wrench System" are utilized to this system which we have had the experiences since 1980 and we can provide you highly stable operation.
  • It has the batch control function (Bolt counter) and the fool proof function.
  • As the output method, “Signal lamp (5 colors)”, “Alert Buzzer” and “Relay output” are available.
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