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Torque Control

  We provide solutions. We have 2 different kinds of impact wrench controllers, FC Wrench Controller and Air Detection Controller. They are designed to achieve fool proof, efficiency, easy handling, and safety with impact wrenches.
  Our FC Wrench System has been developed with the new idea, which is completely different from conventional "Torque Controlled Impact Wrench System". This is the “Automatic Impact Wrench System” which has both features of “Efficient workability of impact wrench” and also “High flexibility of electronic control”.
  When fastening screws with impact wrenches, the torque rises. As the torque rises, the returning angle (rebound angle) of impact hammer becomes bigger accordingly. This FC wrench system senses the rebound angle, judges the fastening condition and controls the valve to uniform the torque value evenly for fastening.
  Air Pressure Detection Controller has been developed to achieve higher efficiency and easier handling. Any kinds or any brands of impact wrenches, including oil-pulse wrenches, are applicable to this system.

Air Torque Setter

  • [Discontinued]KSE-100A

    • Torque setting range:80 ~ 120 Nm
    • Drive size:12.7 mm
    • Capacity ( bolt size ):14 mm
    • Free speed:150 r.p.m.


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