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Extremely accurate transducerized nut runner.
Enables to set 3 different torques.


PTS Series Pistl type CPU Air Nut Runner
PTS(Nut Runner) Option(All models support)
PTS Series(Air Nut Runner) Pitch variable type reaction bar
  • Extremely low vibration, low noise
  • On board CPU and transducer
  • 3 differenet torques can be set
  • Battery operated CPU


  • For vehicle assembly, construction machinery, ship building
  • For maintenance of construction machineries

Catalogue (PDF)


Drive size 3/4 in. 19.0 mm
Set torque range - 140-600 Nm
Length(w/o socket) 13-15/16 in 354.0 mm
Weight(w/o socket) 11.7 lbs. 5.3 kg.
Free rotation speed - 100 r.p.m.
Air consumption(Normal) 13.4 c.f.m. 0.38 m³(Normal)/min
Hose size 1/4 in. 6.5 mm
Performance figures are at 0.62 MPa(Pe) (90P.S.I.) air pressure.

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