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Nut Runner

KUKEN KNR Nut-Runners are designed for controlled tightening and loosening of fasteners in industrial bolting applications. These Nut-Runners offer a reliable and dependable solution.
KUKEN KNR Nut-Runners have 2 speeds, run high speed till seating and low speed to finish fastening screws.

3/4” Sq. Dr. Nut Runner

  • KNR-500X

    • Drive size:19.0 mm 3/4 in.
    • Torque range(0.4-0.6Mpa at load):350-500 Nm 260370 ftlb
    • Length(w/o socket):324.0 mm 1213/16 in.
    • Weight(w/o socket):4.8 kg 10.6 lbs.


1” Sq. Dr. Nut Runner

  • KNR-800X

    • Drive size:25.4 mm 1 in.
    • Torque range(0.4-0.6Mpa at load):580-800 Nm 430590 ftlb
    • Length(w/o socket):385 mm 153/16 in.
    • Weight(w/o socket):6.5 kg 14.3 lbs.


  • KNR-1000X

    • Drive size:25.4 mm 1 in.
    • Torque range(0.4-0.6Mpa at load):680-1,000 Nm 500740 ftlb
    • Length(w/o socket):370 mm 145/8 in.
    • Weight(w/o socket):7.6kg 16.7lbs.



  • KRL-15

    • Length:36.0 mm 17/16 in.
    • Height:150.0 mm 515/16 in.
    • Width:300.0 mm 1113/16 in.
    • Weight:5.5 kg 12.1 lbs.


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