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Pulse Wrench

A pulse wrench contains the motor unit and the pulse clutch unit as an impact wrench. However, the clutch unit of pulse wrench is totally different from the clutch unit of impact wrench.
Unlike an impact wrench, the pulse wrench has no "metal to metal" contact. A pulse wrench raises the oil pressure in the clutch unit (the pulse unit) impulsively, generates impact force and fastens a bolt.
As the result, a pulse wrench has more durability, less abrasion of metal parts, less vibration and lower noise than impact wrenches.
In addition, a pulse wrench provides a stable fastening because of its structure of controlling oil pressure.
The pulse wrench is better tool to control the fastening torque.

Normal type

  • KOW-5

    • Drive size:9.5 mm 3/8 in.
    • Capacity bolt size:6-8 mm 1/45/16 in.
    • Recommended torque range:15-35 Nm 1030 ftlb
    • Weight(w/o socket):0.92 kg 2.0 lbs.


  • KOW-6

    • Drive size:9.5 mm 3/8 in.
    • Capacity bolt size:8.0 mm 5/16 in.
    • Recommended torque range:28-56 Nm 2040 ftlb
    • Weight(w/o socket):0.98 kg 2.2 lb.


  • KOW-7

    • Drive size:9.5 mm 3/8 in.
    • Capacity bolt size:8.0-10.0 mm 5/163/8 in.
    • Recommended torque:40-65 Nm 3050 ftlb
    • Weight(w/o socket):1.10 kg 2.4 lbs.


  • KOW-9

    • Drive size:12.7 mm 1/2 in.
    • Capacity bolt size:10.0 mm 3/8 in.
    • Recommended :40-96 Nm 3070 ftlb
    • Weight(w/o socket):1.50kg 3.3 lbs.


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